Stranger Things - Bikes Poster -

Stranger Things - Bikes Poster

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Stranger Things - Bikes Poster

Imported Netflix Series Poster - Produced in the UK. Printed onto 150gsm paper, the posters are produced using the highest resolution images and quality printing techniques.

The Poster

This Strangers Things poster captures Mike, Lucas and Dustin discovering Will’s bike abandoned in the woods near his home. Will was forced to leave his bike after racing Dustin home after their latest Dungeons and Dragons game. He was spooked by a mysterious figure in the woods; scared he ran back to his empty house to call for help, his bike was later found... by the police. The artwork aptly shows the Hawkins National Laboratory in the background, set up during WWII, it’s connected to the U.S Department of Energy and is mostly likely controlled by either the CIA or NSA. This is the location where Eleven was raised and was subjected to extreme experimentation. These cruel experiments led to the opening of the gate to the upside down. 

Poster Size

This is a maxi poster measuring 610 x 915 mm. Please see below diagram for size comparison to our mate Dave.

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