About Us

At EgoAmo we are huge fans of posters and wall art.

From a young age we covered our walls in posters, it really is in our blood. From music to movies, football stars to super cars and supermodels, our walls were always covered.

Now, as adults, we've been inspired by what is available globally. You no longer have to make do with the limited options available in stores in South Africa as we use an extensive network of global suppliers to bring the best in posters and wall art. 


All our posters are official licensed merchandise. We aren't into selling fakes. When you buy from us you have peace of mind in the product being the “real thing.”

We've expanded our options, you can now order a stand alone poster, have it laminated or have it laminated, mounted and framed in a custom frame.

  • Laminated Posters - Our laminated posters are professionally laminated with a gloss laminate. This protects the posters from the elements, including damp or water damage.
  • Laminated, mounted and custom framed - Our posters are laminated with a gloss laminate and vacuum pressed onto a masonite board. This is then framed with a faux wood finish frame which is light and durable and is available in a number of colours and finishes.

    Check out some examples of our framed and mounted posters by clicking on our Framing Options page here


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