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The Triumph of Galatea Raphael - Art Poster

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The Triumph of Galatea by Raphael - Art Poster

This painting is a reduced copy after Raphael's fresco The Triumph of Galatea executed in 1511 for Agostino Chigi's villa, now Villa Farnesina in Rome.

The painting relates to the story of the nymph Galatea which Ovid had borrowed from the Sicilian poet Theocritus and narrated in his Metamorphoses (13:750-768). Galatea was in love with the young Acis but the Cyclop Polyphemus (depicted in the adjacent lunette by Sebastiano del Piombo), jealous of the youth, killed Acis by throwing at him a piece of rock. The blood flowing from beneath the rock turned rapidly into a clear stream ending into the sea, the realm of Galatea. The river Acis still runs nowadays near the volcanic mountain of Aetna.

Galatea appears standing on a giant seashell led by two dolphins, surrounded by a company of nymphs and tritons while three putti in the air are drawing their bows.
Raphael was commissioned to paint the fresco by his friend, banker Agostino Chini, to display in the Villa Farnesina in Rome. It was inspired by the Greek myth of Acis and Galatea, and took direct inspiration from a poem by Angelo Poliziano, in particular the stanza stating:“Two shapely dolphins pull a chariot: on it sits Galatea and wields the reins; as they swim, they breathe in unison; a mere wanton flock circles one spews forth salt waves, others swim in circles, one seems to cavort and play in love; with her faithful sisters, the fair nymph charmingly laughs at such a crude singer.” Although the fresco is inspired by the tale of Acis and Galatea, Raphael has not chosen a scene that depicts the ill-fated lovers together. Instead, he has portrayed Galatea as she achieves apotheosis, which meant that upon her death she would ascend to join the fully divine beings, as a reward for her patience and endurance of trials and tribulations experienced in her life. 

This amazing and instantly recognizable work is perfect for a lover of fine art. 

Printed onto 200gsm gloss poster paper, this poster is produced using the highest resolution images and quality printing techniques.

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