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Malcesine on Lake Garda by Gustav Klimt - Art Poster

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Malcesine on Lake Garda by Gustav Klimt - Art Poster  

In 1913 Klimt broke with his annual three-month visit to Attersee spa in the Austrian Alps, and went to the Italian Lake Garda instead, possibly under the increasing influence of Egon Schiele Schiele, who preferred to travel abroad. Whether as a result of the change of light or scenery, this work amply demonstrates its superb effect on him. As in Austria, Klimt paints the scene from a boat out on the water, yet the dramatic distinction of this landscape is the transformed handling of subject-matter, panorama, lighting, and form. It is a wonderful light, expansive work unlike the usual claustrophobic style of his typically intense Austrian scenes. The atmosphere is of life and frivolity rather than the somber, emotionally charged visions of home.y.

This amazingly and instantly recognizable work is perfect for a lover of fine art. 

Printed onto 200gsm gloss poster paper, this poster is produced using the highest resolution images and quality printing techniques.

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This poster has white border as seen in the image of the framed mock-ups on the wall. The printed area is therefore:

Maxi Poster - Poster Size 610 x 915mm - Printed area 590 x 895mm

Two Thirds Maxi Poster - Poster Size 406 x 610mm - Printed area 393 x 597mm

Tabloid Poster - Poster Size 305 x 457mm - Printer area 295 x 447mm 

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