We're getting all artsy - May 2020

So it's May 2020 and it's been a tough couple of months.

We've seen Australia on fire, the world on the brink of World War 3, the death of Kobi Bryant, Liverpool paused in their tracks from winning their first league title in 30 years, a global pandemic and now murder hornets.... Yip, definitely not what we had anticipated for 2020.

A little more close to home, the lockdown here in SA has thrown business into chaos, while globally all the major movie releases have been pushed back, while concerts and sport events have all been cancelled for the moment. 

But it isn't all bad news.... The pause has allowed us to roll up our sleeves and get busy with some more "artsy" work. We've been speaking to some world renowned artists, and we are super excited to bring collections from artists who's original works sell through Saatchi to SA art lovers. 

We have added our first selection of prints from Australian artist Loui Jover, check them out here -

And during May we will be adding prints from famous German painter Annette Schmucker and Singaporean graphic artist Anwar Rafiee,

To give you a bit of taste for what is in store check there amazing pieces out:

Loui Jover

There 3 pieces are available now, plus plenty more:

Loui Jover Art Prints -

Annette Schmucker

Look out for prints of Annette's amazing paintings which will be available in May.

Anwar Rafiee

We've been fans of Anwar's since we bought a shirt featuring one of his designs from US t-shirt website Threadless 5 years ago. The man is an incredible artist, and if you are looking for a unique artwork for your walls then Anwar's pieces may be exactly what you are looking for. 

Know an artist who might want to sell there work as prints in South Africa? Get them to drop us an email on

Much love and stay safe!

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