We are on Trustpilot

We know how important peace of mind is when shopping. The questions that run through your mind when using a new website are:

  • How do we know they won't steal our money and we never receive anything?
  • How do we know that the products they are selling are "real" and not dodgy fakes?
  • How do we know we they aren't going to steal our banking details?
  • How do we know they will deliver the goods in the time they say they will?

To put customers minds at ease we posted an earlier blog with a link to our BidorBuy store. Since that blog post we've sold a ton more posters on BidorBuy and if you head on over to have a look, you'll see we are still sitting with a 100% satisfaction rating. Check it out here

But we are looking at ways to continually give our customers additional peace of mind, and with that in mind, we have registered a profile with TrustPilot. TrustPilot are one of the biggest website review portals in the world, so if you want people to trust in your site, they are the "go-to-guys."

We are encouraging our customers to leave reviews on TrustPilot about their shopping experience with us, so once you have shopped with us please leave a review. And if you are thinking of shopping with us head on over to our TrustPilot profile and see what other people had to say about their experience shopping with us. EgoAmo.co.za TrustPilot Profile

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