Thursday's haven't quite felt the same since lock down kicked off. To be fair nothing really has... So today was just rolling past as another, largely forgettable day, the three hundred and seventy fifth thousand and something day of 2020, when something amazing happened. 

Our glorious minister of trade, industry and competition Ebrahim Patel, finally had a positive though and said yes, yes South Africa, you can now shop online again!! Cue the music, cue the wild celebrations (not that wild as our booze ran out weeks ago), and cue us getting ready to start shipping posters again!

(Check out the article that made us super happy here - https://www.businessinsider.co.za/online-shopping-allowed-level-4-2020-5)

We are now waiting on confirmation from our couriers, but we are planning to start shipping posters again from tomorrow.

To all our customers who have ordered posters and are waiting on deliveries, thanks for your patience! For all new customers welcome and please use the code SIGNUP10 at check out to claim 10% off your first order.

On a slightly more serious note, let's hope this is a step towards some sort of normality.

Much love, stay safe and happy shopping,

The EgoAmo Poster Team

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