Hello lovely people and happy Friday.

We thought we'd share some insight into our pricing with you, for those of you who are looking around the site and wonder why some posters are R99, while others are R129 and some go all the way up to R599, just for a poster.

The factors that impact our prices are:

  1. Availability in South Africa - If we are able to source the posters in SA our costs are lower and as a consequence, so are our prices 
  2. Importing - For the posters not available in SA we need to source them overseas. This means we need to find them, buy them in an ever fluctuating foreign currency, ship them, clear them through customs (which adds VAT and import duties). We are on a constant mission to find better suppliers and prices, but for the moment the prices where we import ourselves are unfortunately still a little bit higher than locally sourced posters. BUT what you do know buying these posters is that they are pretty exclusive and for the most part, no website in SA has them at anywhere near our prices.
  3. Rarity - So we have some posters in our "RARE" collection which are one of a kind. These are original posters from movies' cinematic and DVD store releases which we have tracked down from various places. We only have one of each of these posters, so once it's gone, it's gone forever.
  4. Size - In the poster world size does matter. So in most instances the bigger the poster the higher the price. But again there is a positive point to this, the large posters, when block mounted or framed, look seriously awesome!

We hope the above really answers any questions around why our posters aren't all the same price. Unfortunately, in the poster world, there is no one size fits all.

Have a great weekend

The Poster Crew


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