We've opened a shop front on BidorBuy.co.za.

Now why would we do that when we have such a beautiful, kick-ass website here at EgoAmo.co.za we hear you ask... Well, that's a good question. We are still pretty new on our own domain (we only launched in January 2018), and with anything new, it takes time to build up a customer base and most importantly trust

Now, we've been selling online through BidorBuy for quite a while (since February 2014 to be exact), so opening EgoAmo there too made sense for the following reasons:

  • Prospective customers can see that from over 100 sales made on the BidorBuy platform there is not a single negative or neutral review (and people are quick to make it known if they aren't happy);
  • We have over 80 reviews on sales made and they are all in the positive column;
  • BidorBuy offers buyers additional protection for goods sold on their site (Buyer Protection Programme)

The above, coupled with BidorBuy being South Africa's premier online market place, is why it makes perfect sense for us to be selling there too.

So, we are making it easier for South African's to get the best posters and wall art online, either directly from our site EgoAmo.co.za or from BidorBuy. 

Enjoy your shopping!


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