Five movies and posters that have us excited for 2020

2020 is here! And the new decade is starting with a bang for movie and poster lovers everywhere. There are some amazing movies hitting the screens this year so we thought we'd take you through the five we are most excited about, starting with Daniel Craig's final outing as 007:

1) James Bond - No time to die

This is Daniel Craig's last outing as the British super spy. He's been our favourite Bond so far and as much as we are going to miss him, we can't wait to see him don the Tom Ford suit and drink a martini (apparently there are some 0% alcohol Heinekens in here too). To get you in the mood check out this awesome teaser trailer

And then there is this awesome poster which will be available in the store during January.

James Bond No Time to Die Movie Poster EgoAmo Posters

2) Wonder Woman 84

Coming in a close second is Gal Gadot's second stand alone DC Comics Wonder Woman. Although the DC Universe has been rather underwhelming (we're trying to be nice here) when compared to the MCU, Wonder Woman has stood out as the one thing the team at Warner have gotten right. 

In the movie we are fast forwarding to 1984, where Wonder Woman is once again saving the world from evil villains.

Check out the trailer here

And of course, since we are a poster site, we LOVE the teaser posters too! These will be dropping on the site in January 2020.

Wonder Woman 1984 teaser movie poster EgoAmo Posters.

3) Black Widow

The only surprising thing about a Marvel movie being on the list is that it isn't in top spot! Last year it was End Game, in 2018 it was Infinity War! 2020 sees Scarlett Johansson hit our screens in her stand alone movie as Natasha Romanoff, otherwise known to Avengers fans as Black Widow.

We can't wait, check out the trailer to understand why

Marvel have been pretty stingy with the posters for the movie so far, but we know that when the full set drop they will be awesome and we'll have them as soon as we can get out hands on them!

Black Widow Marvel Movie Teaser Poster EgoAmo Posters

4) Birds of Prey 

Two DC Comics movies that we are excited about.... well that hasn't happened in a while! Yes, we can't wait to see Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey. 

Check out the trailer here

AAnd we have to say we love the posters for Birds of Prey! We've got our first stock dropping on the website towards the end of January.

Birds of Prey Movie Poster -

5) Top Gun: Maverick

It's been years since we saw Tom Cruise take to the skies as Maverick. When the 90's and 2000's passed with no sequel we all thought hope was lost. But no, the studio execs were waiting for the right time (and needed a guaranteed banker) and so, in 2020, we will see Tom Cruise take to the sky as Maverick again!

And, judging by the trailer we are in for a treat

 The original Top Gun poster has been a massive hit with customers, and we don't see anything changing when these posters drop on the store!

Top Gun Maverick Movie Poster egoamo posters

Want to tell us what your favourite upcoming movie for 2020 is? Drop your pick in the comments below.

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