It's Friday, so for some fun we thought we'd run our first poster battle. And who better to battle it out than the movie which is the highest grossing box office superhero movie of all time versus, well, the the highest grossing box office superhero movie of all time.

You see Marvel are using posters to hype the movies, as we are currently seeing with Avengers: Infinity War (click HERE for a low down on all the posters to date). But before that there is the case for Black Panther. There were a number of teaser posters, character posters and actual film posters released. To make it a fair fight, we sent the US release poster up to battle against our very own South African release poster. And we posted the battle on Instagram, Reddit and Tumblr to find a rightful heir to the thrown.

Black Panther Poster Battle

And the winner was.... well there wasn't one, it was a tie! Makes sense, as they are both awesome posters. And they are both available here at EgoAmo. Head across to the Super Hero collection to grab yours now.

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