Banksy's Shredding Art Work - Marketing Genius

They are calling Banksy's prank `a coup on the art world´ - we think it is absolute marketing genius.

If you didn't know who Banksy was, we are pretty sure after the 5th of October 2018 you do. That's the day his print "Girl with Balloon" was auctioned for just over a million pounds (about R19 million) and promptly shredded itself in it's frame. This all took place in world renowned auctioneers Sotheby's. 

If you missed it check out the video:

We think this may be the best piece of modern marketing ever. The images and videos have been splashed as leading stories across most international news websites, and the print in question has literally doubled in value. 

Although we wouldn't recommend to anyone that shredding their art is a good idea, the statement it makes when done by the artist in the view of the world's camera's and news creates a massive buzz.

Whether creating marketing buzz was Banksy's intention we doubt, but it is a pretty impressive "by-product" which won't hurt Banksy in terms of his future earnings and profitability.

And on that note, we will be adding Banksy's "Girl with Balloon" to our available posters from mid-October. And we promise ours won't shred when you put it up.


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