Poster Subscriptions - Home or Office -
Poster Subscriptions - Home or Office -
Poster Subscriptions - Home or Office -
Poster Subscriptions - Home or Office -
Poster Subscriptions - Home or Office -
Poster Subscriptions - Home or Office -

Poster Subscriptions - Home or Office

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Welcome to a South Africa's first poster subscription service.

Tired of the same posters and art on your walls but find it too expensive to regularly change them and find new ones? Well, we have just made it super easy and affordable for you to have new, framed posters on your walls every 4 months.

How it works:

1) Select how many maxi posters you would like for your walls and place your order.
2) We will contact you to set up your debit order and confirm your order.
3) Within 2 working days of receiving the completed forms your first subscription of framed posters will ship to you.
4) Every 4 months we will email you to confirm which new posters you would like.
5) With 2 working days of receiving your new poster confirmation we will ship your posters to you in a poster tube.
6) On receipt of your new posters you place them in the frames. You can collect the old posters, give them to a friend or build a pretty massive paper plane!


And you get all this for just R89 per month for 24 months. You walls will never look boring and drab again!

What posters can you select for the subscription?

We've tried to provide a large range of posters for the service. All maxi posters priced for sale at R249 or less are available as part of the subscription offer. 

Unfortunately posters listed for sale at a price above R249 are not available as part of the subscription service. 

That means you have over 700 posters to choose from!

Poster Size

The subscription is for maxi posters measuring 610 x 915 mm. Please see below diagram for size comparison to a cinema one sheet, giant poster and our mate Dave.

EgoAmo Posters - Poster size diagram and examples

The Frames

With your first order you will receive your poster in one of our black standard poster frames. This frame will remain with you for the duration of the subscription and after 24 months its all yours.

Below is a description of the frame:

30mm profile MDF frame with black wood finish which features a shatterproof perspex front and saw tooth brackets ready to hang on your wall.

You want more than one framed poster? We've got you covered (and we'll give you a discount too)

One framed poster just isn't enough? Below are the discounts available when you take more than one of our awesome framed posters.

1 Framed Poster - 24 months - R89 per month

2 Framed Posters - 24 months - R170 per month

3 Framed Posters - 24 months - R245 per month

4 Framed Posters - 24 months - R315 per month

5 Framed Posters - 24 months - R380 per month

6 Framed Posters - 24 months - R440 per month

7 Framed Posters - 24 months - R495 per month

8 Framed Posters - 24 months - R545 per month

Looking for more than 8 posters for your home or business, or looking for specially designed posters for your specific business. Please email us for a personalised quote -

Got any questions or want to know more?

Drop us a mail - or click on the whatsapp chat button on the bottom right of your screen

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