Welcome to our "How to order your subscription" page. You've nearly secured your subscription to South Africa's first poster and wall art rental service! Your life (and your walls) will never be the same again. Be prepared to say goodbye to bland walls and outdated posters and hello to the freshest, newest, most amazing block mounted posters and wall art the world has to offer.

Step 1 - Click here, select how many posters you want in your monthly subscription and click on the "Add to Cart" button.

Step 2 - Now the fun starts. Click on the "Continue Shopping" button and start choosing which posters you want on your wall. Don't forget, the number of posters you've chosen needs to equal the number in your monthly subscription.

Step 3 - Finished choosing your posters? Click on your cart and check out.

Step 4 - Good news, this is a 6 month subscription, so we aren't going to hammer your credit card with the whole amount all at once. At check out you will be charged for the first month, and same amount will be charged on the same day each month for the next 5 months thereafter.

Step 5 - Done and dusted! You order is now sitting with us and once we have matched your payment to your order we will get your posters ready for shipping. We want to get your posters to you in super quick time, but please allow 7 days for delivery, just in case. 

Step 6 - Did we here you ask about shipping costs.... You're spot on, we've not mentioned them until now. That's because we know the feeling of getting to the checkout page on a website, super excited, credit card in hand and getting smashed with a ridiculous delivery fee! So, at EgoAmo, we've got the shipping covered at no additional cost to you. And if you need us to draw you a picture, here you go...

Step 7 -  Now you have your posters, they are up on your wall looking fab! And there they will stay for 6 months (from the date you received them). At the end of the 6 months we will contact you to organise for the posters to be collected. Ps. This is also free of charge (how much do you love us right now?)

That's it in a nutshell. So off you go, click on this link and get subscribing.

For the full set of T&Cs and the fine print (we promise there is noting untoward), please head over to our Terms and Conditions page here.