Less aowa. More aweh.
Less moer-toe. More umlingo.
Less more-toe. More Masihambeni.
Less stukkend. More shap-shap.
A new era of Ubuntu is here.
Here it is: The poster. The whole poster. And nothing but the poster.
We’ve got a confession to make. At EgoAmo we’re poster-mad. We’re Mzansi-mad. (Not to mention just a little mad about rugby.)
And truth be told we think it’s about high time us Saffas get past our woes and our wahala – and get together.
Corruption. Politics. The pandemic. We’re not saying they’re unimportant. They totally are. We’re just a little joy-starved and have a strong feeling you are too.
And we South Africans know joy!
Remember when our Madiba hearts burst with pride back in ’95 – all creeds, colours, and hues wearing one green-and-gold jersey? Remember Charlize and Tstosi snapping up those Oscars, Nkosi Sikelel'iAfrika voted best world anthem – Tutu and that Nobel Prize?
We’re here to remind you: that’s who we really are. We’re that one unified stadium chant. That Vuvuzela cry. That beloved “I am because you are.”
You’re just one mouse-click from starting the next revolution. An EgoAmolution.
(Er. Okay. Maybe a few mouse-clicks ‘cos we know you’ll be buying more than one)
And not any of that off-with-your-head or blow-up-parliament malarkey – we’re talking good old-fashioned let’s-pull-together patriotism. Like, less phara-phara. More Shosholoza.
At EgoAmo, our vision is clear. We aim to be South Africa’s number one poster company – and bring joy to walls in every Mzansi home.
We’re a small business on a big mission – [cue drumroll] – to unify our nation!
Be it a busty Bo Derek (sorry, Mom) or a sho! Siya Kolisis, we all know the sheer power posters can have. They make us dream bigger. Love deeper. Hope harder.
Our kids and teens today are being left behind. Our leaders and schools failing them. They’re in desperate need of role models. Of purpose. And of passion.
Don’t we all deserve a nationwide touchdown?
For every 5 posters sold, we’ll be donating a Springbok poster to a local school. With enough posters bought, you’ll make sure every school in our county is unified by this one common cause.
You’ll be part of a legacy.
Of making a real and lasting difference.
With at least one poster in every one of our 25,000 schools, powerful images of greats like Siya, Faf, and Cheslin will remind our youth of their own greatness. They’ll foster a sense of pride. Of soulful inclusion.
They’ll give our kids identity.
Art and sport affect the way we look at the world. And like art and sport, posters are the heartbeat of our times. They connect us by way of nostalgia, aspiration, and hope. Spread countrywide, EgoAmo Springbok posters will be connectors symbolizing hard work, grit, and determination. They won’t just connect kids to their favourite rugby heroes – they’ll connect kids to each other. And us to them.
Join our revolution. Our campaign of cohesion. Bring your favourite Bok home and bring our youth some seriously overdue laduuuuuma!
Our Boks have always lived up to their motto “One Team, One Nation.”
Get clicking. Join us.
Let’s further that legacy with One Poster, One Nation.